Cable-knit beanie OFF WHITE
Fluffy scarf OFF WHITE
 Scarf with lurex detail  OFF WHITE
Knitted headband OFF WHITE
Knitted collar OFF WHITE
Cable-knit beanie DARK NAVY
Leopard print scarf THAI CURRY
Knitted collar DARK NAVY
Leopard print scarf POTENT PURPLE
 Scarf with lurex detail  DARK NAVY
Bonnet en maille CABERNET
Fluffy scarf CABERNET
Fluffy scarf SPICY MUSTARD
Bonnet en maille NOIR
Knitted headband MOLTEN LAVA
Fluffy scarf NOIR
Tartan-print scarf BLEU
Printed scarf DEEP WELL
Accessorise your outfit with Comptoir des Cotonniers’ stoles, squares and scarves, for a very feminine look at the cutting edge of fashion. With prints, shading or tie-dye effects, our fabric scarves are available in several patterns and shades, to look great with all your outfits. For a casual chic style, the print scarves will brighten up your look and add a decorative touch. The shaded and two-tone scarves go wonderfully with any office outfit and bring a dash of colour. Also check out our wraparound scarves, to pair with all your coats and keep you nice and warm in the winter.