Spring collection 2018
Spring collection 2018

Comptoir des Cotonniers is turning over a new leaf this season, to reconnect with its original freshness and harness the advantages that have made it such a unique label: fine materials, useful garments cut for a streamlined look, and colours inspired by nature. This is a no-frills wardrobe. Yet it radiates a powerful sensuality, as if the garment were baring itself.

Unique, characterful women are the main inspiration for this collection. A case in point would be Georgia O'Keeffe. The artist who brought the world and nature vividly to life in her paintings also put together a wardrobe to reflect her personality.

Raw denim cloth, transformed into a jacket and wide leg jeans. A fresh piece of cotton, imagined as a draped dress or shirt. Crumpled woven linen, left as it is for a smock shirt. Knitwear that begins with a length of yarn. Pure and simple.