#comptoirstories - EPISODE 3

and sharing

For over twenty years now, Comptoir has been dedicated to the spirit of sharing its inspirations,
legacy, knowledge and now invites you to discover a fantastic young creator and her unique skills.

Julie Lansom


After looking for a ceiling light and not finding anything to her liking, Julie decides to make the ideal lamp
herself. What happens next? Some friends commission the self-taught virtuoso and things take off
from there. "Success 2.0", explains Julie, still skeptical after quitting her job as a journalist
to devote herself to her art of crafts.

What would you like to convey through your art?
Each of my creations is a part of me. I have imagined it, designed it, experienced it and immortalized it. So, my sensitivity is what I hope to convey through my pieces, it is an emotion I try to put across.

Questions & Answers

Who is your fashion icon? I don't have just one! It is a combination of all the different people I come across in the street, anywhere in the world. An old woman in Biarritz, a young man in London, it can be anyone.

The fashion faux pas you own up to? Mixing patterns.

Your dream vacation? Anywhere peaceful during the off-season.

Your mantra? "We should try to be happy, just to set an example.” Jacques Prévert

You know summer’s arrived when... Paris smells a bit less like a city and a bit more like flowers, and you can go out at night with bare legs and a little jacket over your shoulders.

The colours that say summer to you:  light colours, white, pastel colours, and all bright colours. Anything’s possible in the summer.

You feel like bunking off, what do you do? I sit on the terrace with an ice tea and watch people go by, all day long.


let’s go!
Some pack their bags and head for sunnier climes, while others prefer to go on a mental voyage!
Imaginary journey or real-life holiday, tell us what your dream getaway would be.

Post photos or videos that inspire you with the hashtag #comptoirstories - the best photo will win a Julie Lansom lamp.


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