Linen and silk print dress TROPICAL JUNGLE GREEN
Loose dress with ruffles DARK SLATE BLUE
Cargo pants BRONZE
Frilly blouse with embroidery details RASPBERRY
Denim jacket BLUE DENIM
Embroidered dress NOIR
Iridescent linen t-shirt BLANC
Embroidered summer hat OFF WHITE
Linen and silk print blouse TROPICAL JUNGLE GREEN
Linen and cotton fine-ribbed knit cardigan OFF WHITE
Breton-style striped jumper WHITE/DARK NAVY
Short denim jacket BLANC
Linen and cotton fine-ribbed knit cardigan MIDNIGHT
Frilly dress with embroidery details RASPBERRY
Linen and silk print tank top TROPICAL JUNGLE GREEN
T-shirt with openwork details TOMETTE
Linen t-shirt CRAYOLA
T-shirt with drawstring detail RASPBERRY
Sparkling T-Shirt MIDNIGHT BLUE
T-shirt with openwork details NOIR
Flat, lace-up ballerina with open toe VERONESE
Loose fit culotte trousers VERONESE
Frilly blouse with embroidery details ARMY
Find all Comptoir des Cotonniers womenswear here. The womenswear and accessories collection has all the wardrobe essentials you need: jackets and coats, jeans and trousers, dresses, blouses and shirts, t-shirts, jumpers and cardigans, skirts, blazers, shoes, scarves, belts and bags. Comptoir des Cotonniers regularly offers new womenswear collections for a look that’s always on trend, with the Comptoir des Cotonniers signature that you won’t find anywhere else. What makes Comptoir des Cotonniers really special is its unique combination of patterns, colours, quality fabrics and ever-fashionable cuts.