Double chain necklace TOMETTE
Cashmere comb NOIR
Canvas rangers DUNE
Thin braided leather double-wrap belt LIGHT GOLD
Leather mini-satchel LIN
Mohair and wool scarf IRON GREY
Square print scarf ANEMONE KAKI
Thin leather double-wrap belt NOIR
Printed square scarf in modal fabric BOUQUET LEAVES SEASHELL
Square tie-dye scarf TOMETTE
Velour leather mid boots PLATANE
Braided, reversible two-tone leather belt BRONZE
Square print scarf POETRY FLOWERS PEACH
Small suede leather duffel bag PLATANE
Leather mini-satchel INK BLUE
Leather tote bag NOIR
Open-toed lace-up heels NOIR
Small suede leather duffel bag NOIR
Leather belt NOIR
Printed boho top WOODSTOCK ROUGE
Leather tote bag PLATANE
Long necklace TOMETTE
Braided leather belt SEASHELL
Braided leather belt PLATANE
Discover our collection of women’s accessories, the perfect accompaniment to your outfit and always at the cutting edge of fashion. Our footwear collection has something for every outfit: boots, sneakers, high heels, rangers, etc. You’ll also find scarves and stoles, not forgetting the winter’s most essential accessories: gloves and hats. Because it’s a must-have fashion accessory these days, the belt also features prominently in our collection, with several shapes, materials and colours available. Don’t forget to add the “finishing touch” to your outfit with our jewellery range.