Wide full-length jeans RINSE
Real straight jeans NOIR
Slim fit jeans RIO RED
7/8 skinny cropped jeans VINTAGE INDIGO
Slim fit jeans NOIR
Slim fit jeans RINSE WASH
Wide full-length jeans VINTAGE WASH
7/8 skinny cropped jeans INDIGO
Regular skinny jeans NOIR
7/8 skinny cropped jeans FADED BLACK
Slim fit jeans OLIVE NIGHT
Slim fit jeans MEDIEVAL BLUE
7/8 skinny cropped jeans GREY WASH
Real straight jeans RINSE
Real straight jeans VINTAGE WASH
Slim fit jeans VINTAGE WASH
A real wardrobe staple, our women’s jeans are a great trouser choice for virtually any outfit. The denim is available in several shapes and colours to suit every occasion: casual, office or evening wear… Find our collection of skinny, slim, straight, flared and cropped jeans to create your own unique look. Our denims are available with regular, low and high waists, in a variety of colours: raw denim, black, grey, red, burgundy or saffron for a unique, classic, chic or casual look. Our jeans also come in velvet or with an original velvet-feel finish, a very comfortable style to wear.