Jumper with knit detail at the front OFF WHITE
Chino dungarees INDIGO
Loose print blouse SUMMER LINES INK BLUE
Flat, lace-up ballerina with open toe PLATANE
Frilly print dress with pleat details SUMMER LINES INK BLUE
Small suede leather duffel bag PEACH
Denim apron dress DENIM
Loose-fitting dress in dotted Swiss voile BERLIN BLUE
Iridescent linen t-shirt BLANC
Denim jacket BLUE DENIM
Embroidered dress PEACH
Brocade dress MIDNIGHT
Short denim jacket BLANC
Cargo pants BRONZE
Iconic trenchcoat PEACH
Brocade dress CANDY APPLE
Loose crepe blazer OFF WHITE
Light and airy print dress COKLICO MISTY ROSE
Wraparound dress CRIMSON
Linen t-shirt with lace detail and frills OFF WHITE
Openwork knit jumper JUNGLE